Visiting the palace


Visiting the palace

The interiors of the palace in Kurozwęki are open for guided tours, which acquaints tourists with the history of the palace and the families inhabiting it, as well as with current curiosities.

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Take a tour around the palace with a tour guide and find out about its six centuries of history! You will discover an exceptional mixture of architecture ranging from that of a medieval castle to the baroque-renaissance façade you see today. The guide will take you through the basements, cellars and the dungeons, the ballroom and terrace, the chapel with its 18th century frescos and paintings representing local political figures of the day. We also invite you to visit the Museum that has recently opened its door and displays Popiel family Mementoes as well as a collection of a late Polish artist named Joseph Czapski.

After your tour, we invite you to take a relaxing walk in the English landscape garden with its old oaks and plane trees. If your prefer a rather active outing, the tennis, basketball, football and beach volleyball courts are all to your disposition free of charge (you can rent equipment at the reception).